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About Ceasor Press Publishing

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Richard Ceasor

From Martial Arts master inducted into the Imana Martial Arts Hall of Fame, to a singer who has sang on the stage as a member of The Platters, to a corporate outside sales representative who left corporate America to go teach inner-city children in Washington DC. Richard Ceasor brings a wealth of experience to his writing.

Richard has taught children for almost two decades in inner-city and Title I Schools.  He has also worked as a District-Wide Behavior Specialist and a Disciplinary Alternative Education Program Principal and has spent many hours with both troubled and non-troubled young people.

Richard comes from a family of storytellers.  He grew up as the offspring of two noted gospel singers in Cleveland, Ohio.  Despite a happy childhood, his life as a child was often interspersed with the grim aspects of inner-city violence. 


As a small child, Richard’s mother read traditional bedtime stories or told him family bedtime stories passed down over many generations.  Although they filled him with an absolute terror of the Big Bad Wolf (and boy did it take a while for him to recover from that), they also offered him an escape from inner-city life. Richard maintains his family’s reverence for a well-turned tale. He hopes his departed mother and uncles look down at his work and that they’re smiling.


Richard Ceasor is an experienced writer with experience writing in a variety of formats. He is thrilled to have developed a supportive readership across the globe. Check out some of his featured writings, press mentions and author info below.

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